Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine
Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine

Spawns of the Great Rot

Chapter: Geists

Subject: Vorgeists

Titel: Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine


For what feels like a lifetime, I, Geisthunter Norrick, has been hunting Vorgeists. Huge, terrifying, voracious abominations, feeling nothing but hunger, growing in size every time it consumes.. something.
I come from a guild that specializes in hunting and slaying this type of Geist, but it isn't an easy feat I'll tell you that. 

When the Great Rot began, countless of affected souls died to hunger, spawning a massive amount of these beings but in a weak state. Over time they killed and consumed. Some died quickly. Others grew stronger. Natural selection you could say. 
As soon as the survivors of the Great Rot started to become organized we began hunting these in fear of them becoming stronger. From our experience, we are sure, that this type of Geist knows no limit in size or strength, as long as it can feed.

Over time as we studied the vorgeist -those who didn't spot and charge us immediately that is. We learned some of their patterns, some of their weak spots, their strengths. We were more or less even able to categorize them! 
But one day, we encountered a rather peculiar vorgeist, this one looked like it had fused with, a wolf's head? Bear? Some type of Canine?
Its movements were, unpredictable... Before I knew it, it had already charged started to rip my men apart. I barely managed to escape it, lost my left arm in the progress.
That was the first encounter.

The second encounter happened some months after. I've gotten a new arm through our fleshmancer, and was right back on the front line. 
This time we found it massacring a small village, because of the screams.... 
As soon as I saw the two heads I recognized it from last time, my blood was boiling, ready to attack it. 

Then the beast started to roar, no, scream, it began screaming. In all my life I have never heard a more gut-wrenching, ear piercing, fear infusing screech. It was like the pain and hunger of a thousand souls screaming at each other, each one trying to be louder than the next, and in the mix were howls from what I can only describe as a distorted bear, attacking its prey. While holding my ears, trying to focus, it was already holding one of my men, tearing him apart. 
This is where I am just realizing that this fucker, this spawn of a devil, had 4 arms. 
How could I not have seen this before? Was I too focused on its heads? Its scream?

How I survived that encounter, once again, I don't remember. Our Mother must be watching over me. 

Over the years, I've have encountered this specific vorgeist a handful of times.
After the second encounter, I made extra precautions to stay far away from it while studying it every time we encountered it.

Some of the council members issued a bounty for this vorgeist, with a very generous reward, even against my warnings.

12 years after the first encounter, 156 old and new members slain, and the Council decided of all things to officially name the thing. 

Gravemaw, the Spawn of Famine.

This beast has gotten an infamous reputation over the years, countless men slaughtered.

We have tried so many methods to slay it, but it just keeps flaying its claws, howling its piercing scream, unpredictably hurling around with its shadowy tendrils. 
Last time I saw it I noticed that it has a gaping mouth inside its spectral body, a huge round maw with a spiky, sticky tongue, longer than its arms. 

This beast keeps evolving and has done so beyond normal geist conditions, and as of yet, we have no means of ending it, and it just keeps growing stronger. 

To anyone even considering trying to hunt it, turn around, no god would be foolish enough to protect you. 
But if you are damned enough to pursue it, know this;

Its maw will be your grave.

- Geisthunter Norrick



Gravemaw is standing around 145mm tall on a 60mm customized base.

The model is multiple parts, the file contains:

1 x Body

4 x Arms

2 x ½ tongue parts

1 x Intestine

1x Customized 60mm base.

Support Version Included


Gravemaw, The Spawn of Famine

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